Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Patchwork Text Assessment

Last week myself and one of my colleagues attended a staff development session provide by academics from the University of Anglia on the topic of patchwork assessment's.

A patchwork assessment is basically a collection of sub task's that are given to groups or individuals which can then be used within a final synthesis. Even though this method is not new, it does focus the academic on preparing each task. The ability to drop one of the task's gives the learner a feel of control of their their learning without compromising learning quality.

One example was shown included group work in which students are split into groups and then have to write a really short essay on a particular subject. The students are then given the opportunity to constructively give feedback to each other. In terms of moderation, the lecturer 'drop's in on group conversations.

Currently this is done manually, but this would be an ideal opportunity to develop an online commentating and critiquing system, that would allow for students to copy each others work and get inspiration without plagiarising, so rather having one teach, have multiple...!!!!

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