Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Recently I joined a social netowrking group called http://newtoolsclub.ning.com/ created by Jane Hart. This group is designed to review e-learning and development tools as they are known. There seems to be quite a varied change of individuals in the group so it should prove quite topical.

Also this is the first group "that I know off" that is built for educational designers/technologists/academics to discuss ideas.

Anyways on doing a little noseing about the group I came across a comment regarding GoAnimate. This website/tool enables people to create their own basic simulations, which you could put to students to create. An example could be how they go about planning something between set people or interaction etc.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Personalized Student Images

With the emergence off virtulization into mainstream Universities etc. It would be useful if IT technicians could create custom student images for a particular module/subject.

This would enable students to have easy access to sites/applications etc with out being bloated with stuff not relevent to them. It would also allow staff to support opebn source application and especially with the new google chrome rollout web apllication that might be beneficial to a students course for example report writing using the firefox plugin for references ..etc. It would also allow students to install their own software though that is a comepletely different matter.