Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Using formidable and penpusher to upload log sheets

Been a while since I posted on here so thought I would update it with some of the work I am doing at the moment.

I have recently started 'Cochran Boilers' as the IT support technician and am currently getting use to the systems they have in place.

What happens is an engineer is sent out to service the boiler and uses to create forms that allow a digital pen to be used out in the field.  Once the engineer finishes the log, they connect the pen to their mobile which then sends the data into a web database which is then converted into the main database back at main office.

The interesting features of pen-pusher is it is a step up from character recognition in that it actually records what the user is writing and recognize up to 38 languages.

It also has software which allows you to compare the recorded information easily against the desired output to minimize errors.

Main benefits
XMS Penvision is the sole provider of a complete system and includes:
DesignTool in Flash for visually enabling forms functionality.
Printing software for Windows XP/Vista/7.
Easy-to-use administrative interface for users, applications and pens.
Handwriting recognition for 30 languages and 88 alphabets.
PC and mobile phone software including web based distribution tool.
Validation interface for visually checking and editing the final result from the forms.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fish Fat / Freshness Meters for Trading Standards

Had a recent discussion with a colleague regarding the uses of the fish fat and freshness meter (  They had recently been having a discussion with a field agent for the food standards agency.

The fish fat meters are ideal for agents heading into factories/supermarkets etc and wanting to quickly see in real time the content of fat being processed or sold.  The fish freshness meter would allow agents to test how fresh the fish is and which they can then use to sign off or take matters further.

It has also been seen that in some cases there has been a dispute between the buyer and reseller of fish stock so the fat meter allows an indiscriminate third party to evaluate the stock.

Quality control is just one of the facets of the use of the meters.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Measuring Fish Fat

I have recently began working for as their 'Assistant Business Development Manager'.

Distell produce meters to 

  • measure the fat content of fish
  • measure the fat content of meat
  • measure the freshness of fish
And also the website.  Which is in Joomla.

Joomla seems actually fun to work with ( if you can call computer work fun), installing the plugins and improving efficiency, SEO etc is something that is enjoyable as you can see a definitive outcome at the end.

Social Advertising is another area which I am charging into,

We currently have:


Since measuring fish fat is one of the main objectives I am going to develop some e-learning materials to help support the process

Here is an example video of one our fish fat meters in use.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Motion Based Sensing In Education

Hello, and welcome to the first post of the year. Having received  a Kinect for Christmas I have spent many an hour playing it with my 3 year old son (especially Kinect Adventures).  I also managed to wangle a copy of the UFC personal trainer and all I can say is WOW, this game is amazing, it can read when you do press ups, push ups, standing jumps etc and can even tell by my posture if I have cheated.

Now, bet your wondering where the e-learning comes into this.  Well on my google + stream the other day I notcied a post by a Mr James Clay talking about a  motion based response system being developed at the University of Portsmouth.

Now we have all seen motion tracking cameras that can follow you about, but now we are starting to see motion based selectivity that can be programmable... I wonder how long it will be till there are scripts, clients that have this built in.

I have been having a think about how this could be used for e-learning and think there could be many a possibility, but as always we shouldnt try to use this for stuff there is already a market for unless it is a improvement.  Maybe health and safety vids in the future will test you to see if you are picking stuff up properly etc.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Catching the information Bus

Came across this recently in one of my searches.  My old colleague Roger Greenhalgh had an idea to create an information bus, that sits on top of all the databases, that would allow for easy data reporting and manipulation.

The idea was that data depending on user rights could be accessible to staff, students, service providers and management.  You could cross tally results for research, for example how many students from a certain demographic scored  50% and higher on their exams. Or an easy method for managers to pull up information on student intake etc without having to higher in specialists or task others to develop reports.  It seems the company he has went with provides this service and allows you to create a 'dashboard' where you can easily see the reports that concern you.

Definatly something to think about if  you want to improve services, and not wholly unattainable.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Gripes with the way social networking is done

Havnt posted for a while but thought I would just keep this blog up to date.

Why is it all social networks are standard to deliver to everyone.  Why not as the initiator of a conversation you could bring people in when you needed to.  So you type something all your friends can see it and some people comment on it, could those comments not be hidden until you 'open' them up and bring them into a conversation?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fixing the financial system

With the advent of technologies and GPS.  It should be possible to track the flow of money through the world.  Especially digital transactions.  Without identifying people we could see how much money is swallowed up and where.  You could see where investment was needed or track how much money goes out of the country from foreign workers.