Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Using formidable and penpusher to upload log sheets

Been a while since I posted on here so thought I would update it with some of the work I am doing at the moment.

I have recently started 'Cochran Boilers' as the IT support technician and am currently getting use to the systems they have in place.

What happens is an engineer is sent out to service the boiler and uses to create forms that allow a digital pen to be used out in the field.  Once the engineer finishes the log, they connect the pen to their mobile which then sends the data into a web database which is then converted into the main database back at main office.

The interesting features of pen-pusher is it is a step up from character recognition in that it actually records what the user is writing and recognize up to 38 languages.

It also has software which allows you to compare the recorded information easily against the desired output to minimize errors.

Main benefits
XMS Penvision is the sole provider of a complete system and includes:
DesignTool in Flash for visually enabling forms functionality.
Printing software for Windows XP/Vista/7.
Easy-to-use administrative interface for users, applications and pens.
Handwriting recognition for 30 languages and 88 alphabets.
PC and mobile phone software including web based distribution tool.
Validation interface for visually checking and editing the final result from the forms.