Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Creating a Plug n Play framework for OER in HE institutions

As part of the Oxford ripple project we are looking into a kit of software called OERCA.  This kit of software basically makes the copyright clearance process for #OER much easier.  What could be done to further improve the process would be to have an end point where the clearance could say safe for exposure, from where the software automatically uploads it into JORUM or Xpert or some other repository.

In that case an institution could install this software and they almost have a full working process from start to finish.


Pat said...

What sort of content do you have in OERca - could we search for ingredients as well as finished pieces?

John Robertson said...

Hi Christopher,

I'm excited to see someone in the UK try OERCA in anger - I've played with it a little and have liked what i've seen - few other workflow tools disaggregate and check/ask for clearance and other info on each component asset.

Earlier in the year I talked to some of the developers from Open Michigan about extending oerca for deposit but they didn't have any plans to add deposit functionality at this stage but if you're looking into the idea I'd be very interested in knowing more about your plans.

Christopher Jack said...

Yeah it rips out powerpoints etc, would would be really useful though is if there weas a way of checking xerte pieces through it, though casue its flash im not sure that would work unless the images etc are held externally?

Hi John,

Excellent good to hear about its use elsewhere. Yep that was part of the plan though it would need some funding behind it somewhere along the line. Pat is in charge of one of the leading UK repositorys XPERT and I think he was interested in taking it a bit further as well.

Christopher Jack said...

Maybe this could be something that we discuss at the CETIS Hackathon or elsewhere?

Phil Barker said...

Hiya, I think by "CETIS Hackathon" you mean the joint UKOLN/CETIS OER Hackdays,

If so, yes, looks to me like it would be relevant.

John Robertson said...


quick note i've blogged a little about this: