Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Skills For Life (21st Century Skills)

At the LTA forum I attended an event hosted by Elani.  Elani is an academic who is using PDP (Personal Development Plans) within her modules.  The reason being is Elani believes that by encouraging students to branch out into different areas of the field will allow for a better student learning experience.  Also at the course was an academic from ADT who is using similar methods within his module and is looking to support 21st century skills through it.  The exeption is that the academic from ADT changed the name from 'PDP' to 'Passport to Learning Certificate', this is more friendly on the ears to students and they seemed to engage more with this than the offical PDP.  Elani agreed with this and noted it was something to change in her modules.  Now since I am coming at this from a technologists point of view, I was thinking how can we support this process.
Something similar to what Adam has done with his SQM could be used as it take into account some of the Basic Structure, see below for a mockup of a system.

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