Monday, 28 September 2009

Personal Learning Networks

Recently attended the first Scottish e-assessment conference up in Dundee. The conference itself was quite progressive, usually these conferences are full of old fashioned test theory etc. While there is nothing wrong with this, I prefer seeing how new technology enhances the learning experience.

I found John Connors talk on Convivial Learning in a Tangled World very thought provoking. He talked about how connectivism is changing our fundamental psychology ('If all team think the same then the team isnt thinking')and about new century unlearning skills. This is very interesting as the amount off crap we intake via the internet , useless information takes up space.

One of the most important points I took away from his talk was that the empahise that at the moment in the transition stage to personal learning networks a lot of onus is put onto the student to create their own learning network.

Survival of the fittest rule number 1

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