Sunday, 16 November 2008

Prejudice in the learning community

Having worked in the e-learning trade for a long time, I know the sort of things to expect to sell and advise lecturers.  Generally that involves something electronic....  

Now if I only offer electronic services, do lecturers only expect to use electronic methods.  My conundrum is this, if we are advocating and shouting off the roof tops to use e-tools why are we not shouting off the rooftops for methodology/practical etc.

Why are we not investing in real time simulations etc, sure the marking is a lot more, but students do get a lot more out of realtime simulations experience etc.... Sure use e-simulations that cannot be done outside like disease sims and chatbots for language. 

There are no departments for that yet there are e-learning departments.  There are no learning experts yet there are learning technologists.  All other information is hand me down with usually no drive.

There are a lot of lecturers who are new and afraid to try stuff, why only point them in the direction of e.  I think we are still missing an important aspect of learning specialist's.

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