Monday, 28 January 2008

Defining Personal Learning Styles

Recently I read an article called "An interview with John Lombardi". Within this article John stresses the importance of not mass producing graduates but focus singly upon a students individual learning style.

The problem with that is of course University's have financial targets which have to be met and other targets to achieve, which at the moment in time is hard considering the current financial climate. Now I can speak from my own perspective of the University I currently work at and possibly give some ideas upon improvement.

At this moment in time (as far as I know) at enrolment we do not actively survey (yes another survey) the student on their individual learning data. If we were to catch that at the start we would be able to give that information to the lecturer and see for example how many students prefer distance learning to one to one, and informatively develop materials to match.


René Meijer said...

I completely agree that we do not yet make enough use of information about students. Experiences from school or college should be translated to their experience at the university, and of course it rarely does. When it comes to preferences of learning, or learning styles however, I think you could challenge the notion of catering to someone's preferences (or even the existence of a singular preference).

I cobbled together some thoughts on that on
I'd be interested to hear your views on that.

Marenda said...

Good post.